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Help Dagbamete’s Kids Go to School

The Adzena Necklace Project
Proceeds from the sales of necklaces help Dagbamete's kids go to school

Dear Friend,

After visiting Kwasi Dunyo in Dagbamete, Ghana, I was very moved by the need of the children and the potential that is wasted due to the lack of educational funding.

Kwasi personally has funded a large number of students, but one person can do only so much. As this website explains, Kwasi founded Adzena Foundation in order to help with the education of the children in Dagbamete and the surrounding area. The need for financial help is huge.

The Adzena Necklace is a fundraising project I am inviting you to help with. I hope you will purchase a necklace for yourself. Also, please consider asking friends, family and colleagues to purchase a necklace. The necklace is designed and created by one of the villagers in Dagbamete. If you are interested in selling some of the jewelry, I can give you twenty necklaces and you can forward me a cheque when they are sold, or return any unsold ones to me. If you need more I can provide them to you immediately. The cost of the Adzena Necklace is only $10.

In Dagbamete I saw how urgently funds are needed. I saw how eager both children and teachers are to learn and help others within the village. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

For more information or to purchase, please contact me at

Linda Bassil
Adzena Foundation Volunteer

Many thanks to Andy Wang and Jennifer Douma for their encouragement and assistance in starting the Adzena Necklace Project.

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