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Help Dagbamete’s Kids Go to School

Classrooms for Kids

The village of Dagbamete is located on the savanna of West Africa, in the Volta Region of Ghana. The people are subsistance farmers growing cassava and maize. More than half of the population of 1000 are of school age. But many kids do not go to school because their parents do not have the means of paying for school fees, uniform, and shoes.

Even for many of those kids fortunate enough to attend school there are no classrooms or desks, or even chairs. Some classes are held in the open, sheltered only by a tree or a shed. There are not enough books, paper, pencils, and no library. These are not the conditions that inspire children to stay in school to learn how to lead productive lives.

The people of Dagbamete believe strongly in self-help development projects. In recent years electrification, potable water and sanitation projects were completed, largely through efforts of the community. With donations from the children of Chelsea Public School in Quebec, Canada, and other donors from North America and Bermuda, a new school block with six classrooms, a headmasterís office, and storage room are nearing completion. But there is much more to be done. With your donations and sponsorships through the Dasi Adzena Dunyo Memorial Foundation, more classrooms can be built and more children will have the means to attend school.

ďTalent is a precious thing to waste. The talented kids of Dagbamete donít get a basic education. Their parents canít pay for their schooling and the classrooms donít even have a roof, let alone desks, chairs and books.”




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